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June 2012
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Best Practices
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Posted by: George @ 2:45 pm

In recent years, the best practices policies tell us that all debtor interactions must be monitored. This can be a powerful management tool if used correctly. Best practices policies say that we monitor all interactions between the debtors and us in an effort to appraise our employees with regards to their effectiveness, to allow the clients to appraise us in the same light, and to maintain relevant records and evidence in order to protect ourselves. Because the regulators regulate our innovative methods, the attitude towards collections has become increasingly hostile.

It is no secret that the climate of our industry is centered around ever increasing client requirements. Yesterday’s best practices may very well get you and your clients sued tomorrow. The obvious trend is that industry regulation follows innovation. Every time one of us discovers a new, lawful and ethical method for collecting some sort of a delinquent account, the regulators catch wind of it and do what they do best: regulate. 

Companies like TriVium Systems, Inc. have created call recording solutions to aid in the monitoring, recording, and archiving of all debtor interactions. They know that information is power and we agree. This is why we have chosen to partner with TriVium to offer an integrative solution between Collection-Master and TriVium.

Let’s face it: without integrating your case management software and your call recording and reporting technology, all you have are thousands of hours of audio recording. For random audits this would suffice, but to really protect yourself, to cohesively monitor all debtor interactions, integration is key!

Integration allows you to find every call on a specific claim. It allows you to find every call for a specific collector, paralegal, client, etc. We know that you need to be able to compile accurate information on any given claim, collector, client, etc. on demand. This information includes every document, every note, every accounting entry, and every record of debtor contact. With call recording and reporting integration, Collection-Master makes this all possible.

 We know that Collection-Master, with its ability to retrieve reliable information, must be the centerpiece of your business. Our commitment to you is to always be on the forefront of the tango between innovation and regulation to ensure that you have the best tools available.

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CLS Listens @ NARCA
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Posted by: George @ 2:40 pm

CLS’s largest ever NARCA task force touched down in San Diego Tuesday morning. Before we even left the ground in Newark, we ran into customers and prospects; it was a CLS party. Even before the fasten seat belt sign illuminated, we all knew it was going to be a busy week and we could not wait. As we roared down the runway, the CLS Listens team made eye contact across the aisle and rows of the plane, exchanging winks and head nods over our excitement. We’d been anxiously anticipating this moment and it was finally here… CLS Listens had officially begun.

For over 30 years, CLS’s Collection-Master has been the industry standard in legal collections software. We have always prided ourselves on our customer relations, innovative solutions, and our ability to meet your needs with as much speed and efficiency as possible. We attribute much of our success to our communication skills; we think we have done an excellent job representing CLS to the industry and the industry to CLS. As times change, and requirements increase, we are continuing to grow and meet needs as they arise. We came to NARCA with five of our team members to formalize and solidify our commitment to you and the industry; and to listen!

CLS Listens is aimed at increasing our understanding of your business needs so that we can continue to develop software you will find useful and productive. Our new product management team, Isaac Goldman, Chad Hess, and Fred Welles, is tasked with leading this listening initiative. 

At NARCA we spoke with 70 of you, learned about where you see the industry heading, identified some of your pain points both within our software and within the industry in general, and attended 12 client meetings. We are now compiling our findings to help us deploy our resources in the most advantageous fashion possible. From attending client meetings, we learned what is expected of you from your clients. We are using this information to offer viable solutions so to continually enhance efficiency across the board. 

We were excited to report that over fifty percent of all awards given at NARCA this spring were presented to Commercial Legal Software firms! We are proud of our partners who won this year and expect to increase our winning percentage with our continued support and enhancements. 

We are excited and energized. Our industry is changing, but so are we. Our mission is still to continuously enhance the efficiency of legal collections and ethical recoveries, as we have done for over 30 years.

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