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July 2024
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Encryption Notes for Collection-Master
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Posted by: George @ 8:39 am

Collection-Master does not support encryption, nor will it in the foreseeable future. Collection-Master is an “application software”, similar to Word or WordPerfect. Those applications store documents, and Collection-Master stores data.

The application software level is not the best place in the data chain to encrypt data. Encryption should occur at the Server or Operating System (OS) level. Encrypting at the software level only encrypts that single application’s data. Encrypting at the Server or OS level encrypts all the data.

As a Collection-Master user, only encrypt data by using additional encryption hardware and/or software that works at the Server or OS level. Different solutions offer various “types” of encryption. CLS strongly recommends that you consult your local system support company or IT professional to pursue encryption to meet your client’s particular needs.
Software-only encryption solutions will definitely have a negative impact on overall system performance. A server running such software takes time to encrypt/restore all the data. As such, you will likely notice a response time degradation, depending on the software or server. A hardware-based solution such as an encrypted disk, minimizes the performance impact. Consider hardware solutions even though they may cost more.

Because it is impossible for CLS to test every possible encryption solution out there, exercise caution, and ensure that you are fully and redundantly backed up before instituting encryption. You should permanently retire more than one pre-encryption backup. Increase your backup frequency, as well as the number of backups in your rotation soon after you institute encryption.

For your backup solutions, consider a different encryption strategy from that of the server to meet clients “data at rest” requirements.

Finally, Collection-Master uses the local disk in each workstation for storage of temporary data. As such, you may have to encrypt certain files stored on the local hard drive. Another encryption strategy in addition to the Server and the backup strategy may be necessary for the data on your workstations.

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